Current Fundraisers

Work concessions at the stadium

Paul Brown Stadium (age 18+), UC (some age 16+), and other working opportunities around Cincinnati are available for parents and older students to earn funds. 

For more information, contact .

You can sign up directly at .

How It Works

Funds earned by students are deposited monthly into their Powerschool account and can be used for:

  • Andros
  • intersessions
  • outstanding student fees. 

The Foundation gets things organized, students earn the money. Both selling and non-selling opportunities are available. See below!

Amazon Fundraising: for the Andros and Smile Amazon things, go to Books and Supplies.

Student Fundraising Ideas

Have a great idea?  Are you willing to run a sale for Students? Organizing the student fundraisers is a big job, and we have many parent volunteers to thank.  If you'd like to be part of this, contact:

Stephanie Canty