About the Annual Fund

The Annual Fund Campaign is the largest source of revenue for the Clark Montessori Foundation and benefits all students. The revenue generated from the Annual Fund supports the Foundation’s annual budget and provides the financial capacity to fill important funding gaps needed for the Montessori education that are not provided by the school district.

The goal is for every family to contribute to the Annual Fund with a donation that is appropriate for their family. Large or small, all donations to the Annual Fund will add up and impact our students and staff. Your investment in Clark will be wisely allocated and impact our Montessori education.

The Annual Fund is essential to the success of Clark Montessori High School. With funds in 2015-2016 we've been able to:

provide scholarships for junior high students to Andros

provide transportation for Special Education students on field trips

help the high school Math department purchase Montessori math material

help the Art and Music departments purchase permanent equipment

and more!

We're about 1/4 of the way to our goal of $25,000 for this year. You can help us reach that goal. No matter what the size, it all counts!

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